Are You Waterwise?


We live in a pretty great place. But did you know that Utah is one of the driest states in the nation? It actually depends on the year. Some years we are second-driest (but not always), but we are always in the top five, which makes water conservation critical.

With a population set to double in the next few decades, we need to work together to conserve water resources for the future. Traditionally, two-thirds of Utah’s growth has been from “natural increase” from the population having children. This percentage is declining with more people moving in. People have discovered Utah is a great place to live and work. Unfortunately, they don’t bring water with them.

Every drop counts and there are little things you can do to conserve. Check out the water-saving tips here at Slow The Flow. We all need to do our part to use this precious resource wisely and help stretch the water supply.