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Get Rebates

Learn more about how to protect Utah’s water resources, get rebates and participate in events and programs that will optimize your home and landscape to save you money while you’re saving water.

Water Check

Have a trained evaluator visit your home, business or institution – for free – to assess soil type, grass root depth, water pressure, sprinkler efficiency and precipitation rates to provide you with a customized irrigation schedule.

Lawn Watering Guide

This weekly guide is updated using the prior week’s weather conditions. Its purpose is to help you use only the water you need for plants to be able to keep up with evaporation. Every yard is different, so an adjusted watering schedule may be needed for particular microclimates.

Get a Lawn Sign

Get a Slow the Flow yard sign and show off your yellow lawn with pride! Let your neighbors know (if they don't already) that you're consciously cutting back on your water use because Utah is in a #Drought.

Simple ways you can conserve

Why water is amazing