Tips for Dry Spots

  • Water brown spots in your lawn with a hose instead of increasing the irrigation time on your timer.
  • Place children’s water toys on any dry spots on your lawn.
  • Instead of washing your car in the street or driveway, park it on the lawn where it won’t go to waste. Or take it to a car wash. Most recycle the water and use less than hand washing.
  • Take pets outside to be bathed. Pick a dry spot on the lawn to wash them.
  • Remember that not all brown spots in your lawn are caused by a lack of water. If you have distinct irregularly shaped brown spots, the symptoms are most severe in late summer, and the section of dead turf can be pulled up easily, the problem is probably grubs, a beetle larva. They feed on your turf’s root system and kill it. If you question what is causing your turf problem, contact your USU Extension County Office or a local nursery professional. They will probably want to see a sample of your turf.